BingeCast: IT, Big Sick, Death Note, American Horror Story, and lots more

On September 10, 2017 by Jim Law

First thing’s first – be warned that around 1:36:30 the audio goes a little nutty and Law’s voice is about 3-4 seconds ahead of Pete and Ammon’s. I tried to edit it as best I could without losing any of the conversation but for about a half hour things are a little confusing. It gets back on track after the pee break 2:11:22.

Anyhoo, Pete and Ammon join Law to discuss everything from TM and Kari’s wedding to the giant bully at Chrysler who dick-shames Law every night. There’s also reviews of IT, THE BIG SICK, GHOST HOUSE, DEATH NOTE, THE HERO, Mr. Mercedes, American Horror Story, Preacher, and lots more.

0:00:00-Shoes and Farts

0:04:20– Look at that time to the left. How ironic that the boys (Law and PeteMC) are waiting for that high life motherfucker. Audio problems. TM AND KARI TM ARE FUCKING WED! Congrats you two. How did the big day go down? Pete lets us in on the magic. Gross. Law has a wedding story. Movies on houses. What are people drinking? What’s Law life like now? Ammon finally shows up you cocksuckers. Everything that Pete discussed with Law about the wedding Ammon asks about so it is talked about for a second time. Jesus Christ. Revisiting Pete’s gig on a kid’s tv show. 

0:28:52-GOOGLE VOICE (Live Sounder opening!) 

1:14:05-TV ROUND UP. Mr. MC starts off the segment with The Murder of Laci Peterson, Preacher, Gone: The Forgotten Women of Ohio, and Scientology (audio problems begin around here, as the voices don’t sync up with the actual discussion). Ammon discusses American Horror Story: Cult  and Mr. Mercedes. Law fucked up on The Sinner, then moves onto Rick and Morty. Anticipated Fall 2017 TV Shows. Bubba. 


2:14:51-WHAT DID YOU WATCH? After a beautiful live Sounder from PeteMC and an AlyxMoreno name discussion, PeteMC starts us off with Death Note, Ghost and House. Law checked out The Hero, The Big Sick, and then him and Ammon tag team on It. 

You’ll float too, bitch. 


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