BingeCast: It Comes at Night, Hitman’s Bodyguard, The Duece, Ammon’s Return!

On September 4, 2017 by Jim Law

Kitchen Ammon has been fired (for the time being) and we hired this new guy called Garage Ammon. He’s high as balls.

Ammon Round-Up – Because he hasn’t been here in a month.

The best round of Quote Whores of all time.

Lots of TV talk – Game of Thrones, Mr. Mercedes, The Duece, The Tudors, The Sinner, Rick and Morty, Preacher.

What Did You Watch This Week – The Hitman’s BodyGuard, It Comes at Night.


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0:00:00-It’s Monday, it’s Bingecast time, it’s time to party.

0:01:53-Law, AlyxMoreno, and…Ammon? Yup! That cocksucker is back on the mic. Where has Ammon been? And where is he in the house? Game of Thrones shit. Should the Bingecast Draft be a thing? Law did shit yesterday. He’s also a gamer now. Mini GameCast/Mini GameCocks.



1:09:21-LIL RETRO: Ammon discusses T2 in 3D. Then GOOGLE VOICE continues.

1:19:37-TV ROUND UP. New Sounder drop right after the Sounder. Game of Thronessssss. Law brings up Mr. Mercedes to Ammon, and then Ammon talks Preacher, Scientology, Blood Drive, and The Deuce. AlyxMoreno checked out The Tudors. Law has The Sinner, Ray Donovan, and Rick and Morty.

2:13:13-WHAT DID YOU WATCH? After a barrage of sounders, Ammon starts with T2 (we fucking got it!) and It Comes at Night, which the other members of the OG3 saw too. Law viewed The Hitman’s Bodyguard. The boys talk It a little bit. And also The Matrix. And that’s that.

Go fuck yourself. Bye.

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