BingeCast: IT review, Rememory, Good Time, Game of Thrones, The Defenders, and more

On August 27, 2017 by Jim Law

Another epic night of recording delivers a BingeCast full of reviews (IT, REMEMORY, GOOD TIME), and a Patreon exclusive round-by-round commentary of the Mayweather/McGregor fight that you can get by supporting us right here!

We also lots of TV talk (GoT, The Defenders, Preacher, etc), some tough Google Voice questions, and even some video game round-up. Because we gamers now. We game. You game. Good one. Game one. Shut up.


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0:00:00-It be that time.

0:02:00-Falvey, Alyx, Law. The name Alyx is kind of a thing but Law is having trouble with that. GC will be appearing in due time with a review for IT. Stephen King adaptations. Ammon? Where that dick at?

Eclipse bullshit. Fight bullshit. Video game bullshit.

0:18:38-Trying to get GC on the line. Nope. GOOGLE VOICIE it is, right after Law calls the new listeners out for lack of “trying.”

0:23:26-GC shows up, reviews IT, plugs The Matrix Retrospective.


0:51:48-Fight commentary announcement. Jax Waze is available now!!

0:55:33-TV ROUND UP. Lawlapalooza 2018 talk? Sure, why not. Anyway, Jack dishes out thoughts on Five Came Back, Preacher, Twin Peaks, Rick and Morty, Scientology, Mr. Mercedes, and says some stuff about Game of Thrones, which Law and Alyx discuss at length with Smash. Alyx wrapped up Ozark, and discusses The Defenders (Law binged the whole series of course). Spoiler from Jack for Defenders so be warned. Law talks Ballers, Ray Donavan, The Sinner, and Room 104. He has The Deuce on standby. He also details shit about Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update’s Weekly Show. He fooking loves Tina Fey.

2:06:06-WHAT DID YOU WATCH? Jack checked out Good Time and Rememory. Matrix talk. More Lawlapalooza talk for next year already.

What shit coming soon on the site?

And done.





Didn’t win.


Spoiler alert.

2 Responses to “BingeCast: IT review, Rememory, Good Time, Game of Thrones, The Defenders, and more”

  • jbone

    I never thought water kills Wights I just thought they can’t swim. Seems pretty simple. In Hardhome Wights are in water attacking people as they did in the Beyond the Wall episode.

  • jbone

    I get there are timeline problems in GOT but saying how does Jon know Gendry is the youngest out of a group that includes The Hound, Tormund, Thoros, Jorah, Beric is next level nitpicking. This isn’t a group of young dudes but a bunch of old cunts.