BingeCast: Wind River, Room 104, Game of Thrones, Some Freaks, and more

On August 13, 2017 by Jim Law

0:00:00-It’s time, cocksucker

0:01:55-Law and Alyx and Jack. There it is. Did Jack ever have a mullet? What music was he into at that time, if so? Ammon’s off backpacking, or something. Fuck that guy. Football. Sport. TM and PJ are the new hosts behind the Binge Sportscast. Site shit. 

0:10:19-GOOGLE VOICE. Alyx has an anecdote to start it off. It then goes off tangent. What else is new? New Sounder drop. 

0:36:11-Law revisits some of his old notes. 

0:45:01-Random old show review/commentary Part 1 

1:10:39-TV ROUND UP. Game of Thrones. Or…not. Or sort of. WELL I DONT KNOW LISTENER IM TRYING HERE. Alyx is still watching I’m Dying Up Here and he gives his thoughts on Ozark. Jack details Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later, Preacher, the last two seasons of Silicon Valley, Twin Peaks, Rick and Morty, and The Keepers. Alyx presents audio for the upcoming Netflix series American Vandal. 

Law has Ray Donavan, The Sinner, Episodes, and Room 104. 

1:58:50-Random old show/review commentary Part 2 

2:30:00-LITERALLY LITERARY. Jack started the audiobook for The Dark Tower. Jack talks about his Harry Potter adventures.

2:44:03-LIL RETROS.Jack watched Deliver Us From Evil (a documentary that inspired The Keepers), Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and Dunkirk (again). 

2:49:15-WHAT DID YOU WATCH? Alyx checked out Guardians Vol. 2. PeteMC shows up, and he states how he watched Preacher, an ILM doc from 2010…and then he gets taken off course. Back to Game of Thrones. Law brings up Mr. Mercedes. More Game of Thrones. This segment is on point. Some Freaks. No, not the guys on the podcast, it’s a movie. 

3:46:38-Random old show review/commentary Part 3 

And then it’s done. You can leave now. You’ve suffered enough. 


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