Binge GameCast: Titanfall 2 Stream, Hitman, Shadow of Mordor and Tomb Raider

On August 10, 2017 by Jack Falvey

No Batch means the boys are streaming Titanfall 2 and talking maaad Canadian shit.  Hitman, Shadow of Mordor, the new Madden and Marvel Puzzle Quest are all on the docket.  Download now.


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Kupka – XBL: MtlHd4Lfe, Steam: MtlHd4Lfe, Origin: DrunkenIraHays, uPlay: MtlHd4Lfe, DrknIraHays#1487

Batch – XBL: Multiverse5, Steam: hunterzolomin, PSN: hunterzolomin

MovieFreak – XBL: JackFalveyIV PSN: MovieFreak4702, Steam: JackFalveyiv, Origin: JackFalveyiv

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