Binge SportsCast: The Relaunch

On August 7, 2017 by Moreno

Welcome to the new Binge SportsCast!  After our previous host, Luke, departed after giving us valiant service for 23 years, we finally found a couple CSers to fill the hosting void.  Enter PJ and TM.  After much discussion and planning, the boys recorded a show to give the lay of the land, talk about what teams their sport hearts lie with, and some current events.

This isn’t a 19 hour long BingeCast, but the boys did want to hit the ground running with this show, so let’s consider this episode, Episode 00.

Let the boys know what you think of the show!


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One Response to “Binge SportsCast: The Relaunch”

  • Luke Norris

    So you can both read a map (that dig REALLY hurt my feelings by the way) but neither one of you know that the MLB All-Star Game doesn’t dictate home-field advantage for the World Series anymore. Good stuff.