BingeCast: Detroit, Ozark, Shot Caller, The GC Game, and more

On July 30, 2017 by Jim Law

Law & Ancira return from their respective lakes just in time to awake the mighty Poonslayer and his trail of wet spots.

Google Voice is ridiculous as usual. We hear about a horrible theatrical screening, somebody thinks firefighters are cocksuckers, somebody else declares war on avacaaaaados, and Magic Johnson still has AIDS. Or does he?

There’s also a bunch of new television to talk about and some advanced screening reviews. There’s no way I can remember everything that happened last night, alright? Stop yelling at me.

Timestamp Guy, save me!

0:00:00-Major IndieGoGo/Better Call Binge update!

0:04:10-Intro soundaaaaaaa

0:06:53-Law, Alyx, and GC! GC’s fucking here! He’s had some drinking problems, but not like that. Alyx details his lake getaway. Why wasn’t GC on last week?

0:12:00-GOOGLE VOICE. New drops! Lots of voicemails. Fuck.

0:54:53-Lil announcement

1:02:23-Law starts with I’m Dying Up Here and Preacher. He also started The Defiant Ones and got back to Ballers. Game of Thrones. Law started and finished Ozark. Garrett watched O.J.: Made in America for the first time and People vs. O.J. Simpson, and the 30 for 30: June 17th, 1994. Collins has been drinking the juice! He also blasted through The Defiant Ones.

1:40:42-LIL RETROS. Alyx talks about Smokey and the Bandit. Law goes with Big Trouble in Little (Lil?) China. Mr. 4 on 10 brings up Aftertaste news with a possible massive movie franchise retrospective. Back to Law with a lake story. Pranks. Audiobooks/books.

2:03:42-WHAT DID YOU WATCH? Law and Alyx discuss Shot Caller. Garrett is in full shark mode with 47 Meters Down and then he goes further down the shit hole with The Emoji Movie. He also briefly touches on Under the Silver Lake, which he can’t say too much on. He concludes his portion with Detroit.

2:46:05-LIVE GARRETT COLLINS GAME: DETROIT EDITION. Game takes place after a piss Sounder.

That’s it, cocksucker. Now piss off, ya bloody wanker.



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