BingeCast: Dunkirk, Tour De Pharmacy, Preacher, Spider Man Homecoming & American Fable

On July 23, 2017 by Jack Falvey

No ‘Reno.  No BearcLaw.  No Kitchen Ammon.  You’re stuck with Valley and PeteMC this week as they do the following:

  • Wait for Garrett
  • Do a little SDCC preview
  • Review Dunkirk, Tour De Pharmacy, Preacher, Spider Man Homecoming, Wonder Woman, Network, American Fable, The Defiant Ones, Stalag 17 and XX
  • Review Dunkirk

You read that right.  They review Dunkirk twice.  Why?  Listen to find out.

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Stamp my time.

0:00:00-Here you go. Get to work. 

0:03:02-Jack Falvey is the first to grace us with his presence. PeteMC is also here, dawg! What a duo. GC may show up, may not, fuck it either way. IndieGoGo campaign is nearing the end-support and share ya fucking cocksuckers! How does Better Call Binge get made? PeteMC details the process. Site is back, Jaws retrospective is out, #natehates. Where is the OG3? Fantasy Football League! Sign up if interested. Newsletter. San Diego Comic-Con stuff. The boys watch the Ready Player One trailer for the first time and detail their thoughts. 

0:27:38-TV ROUND UP. Mr. MC talks Preacher and The Defiant Ones. Smack Valley brings up Twin Peaks and Game of Thrones. 

0:52:08-TRAILER ROUND UP: The Disaster Artist, Justice League, The Shape of Water, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Geostorm, and Jigsaw. 

1:07:12-WHAT DID YOU WATCH? Pete starts things off with Spider-Man: Homecoming, ya fucking dick. He then shifts to Wonder Woman (which is spoiled, just so ya know), Baby Driver, Tour De Pharmacy, XX, and American Fable. Valley rewatched Dawn of the Planet of the Apes,   Alien (in 4K), Network, Best in Show, and Stalag 17. Pete and Jack both discuss Dunkirk (1958). Kupka shows up. Dunkirk 2017 gets discussed and there are spoilers. 

And then the show is dun. 


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