BingeCast: Spidey, Atomic Blonde, Snowfall, Security, and more

On July 12, 2017 by Jim Law

It took a while but we made it happen. This week’s BingeCast fought for it’s right to live in your podcast feed so treat it with respect, love and nurture it, and make sweet sweet love while it’s on. Or just grab a beer and follow along with Timestamp Guy.

0:00:00-Support Better Call Binge!!

0:03:02-OG3!!! That Indiegogo campaign is going pretty well, cocksuckers! Over halfway there, let’s keep that train a-rolling, dawg! Nate Peterson has his own podcast. Great. Update on Kitchen Ammon. What were the original names for Ammon’s kids? 5 new commentaries for Patreon donators! Law’s a gamer now!! Ammon’s got a new segment called Quote Whores!

0:27:06-GOOGLE VOICE (0:41:30 for That’s So Ryan).


1:32:38-TV ROUND UP. Ammon gives his thoughts on GLOW. Also some stuff happened on The Bachelorette. Gilbert watched that Scientology show. Law has got Preacher, Snowfall, and 30 for 30: Lakers vs. Celtics. Alyx talks House of Cards and I’m Dying Up Here.

2:08:43-WHAT DID YOU WATCH? Ammon begins with Alien Covenant, Cars 3, and Volcano (revisit). Alyx checked out Free Fire (2:29:05 for a great future Ammon drop). Law also reviews that last one too. Ancira continues with Wonder Woman. Law watched Security and Spider-Man: Homecoming.

And that’s it. Thwipp Thwipp Babadicks.



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