ListenerPalooza WrapUp 2017!

On June 19, 2017 by Moreno

You’re more than welcome to yell “WE GOT IT” about Lawlapalooza 2017.  But only after listening to this.  This will put it to bed.

I grabbed PeteMC to help me co-host (and eventually TM) an all listener show where the attendees tell their Lawlapalooza stories.  It was important for Binge to give listeners their voice on a show, so I want to thank Jay Black, EmoKev, ChadCyuuuh, Marc Chevalier, PJ and Reade Wilson for carving time out on not only a Sunday but Father’s Day.  Unfortunately, NateP, who was slated to appear didn’t wind up making. Next time, lad.

See you at Lawlapalooza 2018!


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