BingeCast: Baby Driver, Transformers TLK, 47 Meters Down, It Comes at Night, David Gregory, and more

On June 18, 2017 by Jim Law

Lawlapalooza is over. We get it. So let’s review a crapload of new movies and television to fill the void. Let’s listen to new sounders and new drops. Let’s introduce Alyx, yell at Falvey, and crank-call Garrett. Let’s do this.

0:00:00-Shut up. Listen to a live sounder from last week. 

0:01:31– Law, Falvey, and Alyx (get used to it) are here. One week out from Lawlapalooza, which was an event. Sounder Wars happening on twitter. Get on it, or restart it maybe. Smash Valley got in on some guitar playing with The Kicks in the midst of all the happenings last week. Vegaspalooza 2020?! That’s right, maybe. Everything is getting back to normal for this week’s show, so quiet the fuck down. Where the fuck is Ammon? The question lives on. Brand new piss break sounder by Kari TM! Moreno gives the origin story behind it. PeteMC’s Lawlapalooza sounder is a thing for your earholes and it is beautiful. New drop!…wait, no. Nate P. reviewed Giordano’s pizza for FRUK. Go check that shit out. Moreno and Law tasted on some Britishy shit. No, not Nate P. Talking about food from his land. What’s new with the site? Anything? Nothing? XBOX stuff. Shadow of the Colossus. Back to the sounder war. 


1:27:55-Binge Media’s Jack Valley and the Horror Returns’ very own Lance From Texas team up to interview David Gregory, director of Lost Souls: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley’s Island of 

Dr. Moreau. Check out the other half of the interview on Wednesday when The Horror Returns podcast drops! 

2:05:15-TV ROUND UP. Spoilers about Leftovers in due time. Law jizzes all over Handmaid’s Tale. Gross. He also watched Blood Drive (based on a recommendation from Chad C.) and I’m Dying Up Here. Better Call Saul….

2:20:41-Mr. 4 on 10 crashes the show with a review of Baby Driver. He also talks about his favorite movie of the year. Spontaneous GC game? Sure. He talks about his experience at Lawlapalooza. Transformers: The Lohst Knight. Jim Law serenades us. (2:59:29. That’s for you, Jack). GC’s love life is analyzed. 

3:04:31– TV ROUND UP CONTINUED. Back to Better Call Saul. Fargo following. Jack is keeping up with Twin Peaks. Alyx discusses House of Cards.

3:18:50-WHAT DID YOU WATCH? Alyx has nothing. Law saw Wonder Woman, Chips (fucking starving right now) and 47 Meters Down. Jack checked out Batman and Bill, It Comes at Night (new drop after the review). Wrap up Lawlapalooza show is coming soon. Ew. Bingecast Quotes on twitter! Follow them!! 

Lawlapalooza sounder by PeteMC to end the show. Drink it in, you cocksucker.



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