Binge Movie Aftertaste – Die Hard Retrospective w/ Ammon and Batch Pt 2: Die Hard 2: Die Harder

On June 15, 2017 by Garrett Collins

Released in the summer of 1988, it didn’t take long for 20th Century Fox to realize that Die Hard was a hit, and almost immediately started putting together a sequel concept. However, this time their film wasn’t going to be based on anything by original novelist Roderick Thorpe. Instead, Fox already had the rights to the novel 58 Minutes by Walter Wager, and in a move that will be a theme to this series, just plugged almost all of our favorite characters from the original Die Hard film and made it the sequel lazily known as Die Harder.

But Hans Gruber isn’t the only piece of the 1988 film’s puzzle missing from this film. There is no sly hand of original director John McTiernan at the helm. Instead, we get the upstart, high on his action game Finnish director Renny Harlin at the helm. Join Ammon, Batch, and myself as we dissect whether the sequel’s outlandishly ridiculous concept is able to be overshadowed by the hard nosed action Die Hard 2: Die Harder contains. And whether the still full toupee wearing Bruce Willis brings his A game to another adventure containing John McClane being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Download the podcast that I like to call, Christmas in June. And don’t forget, we will be going down this road of one film a week until we get to the 2013 fifth film A Good Day to Die Hard.

Die Hard 2: Die Harder (1990) (?/10, ?/10, ?/10)




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