LIVE BingeCast: Lawlapalooza 2017!

On June 14, 2017 by Moreno

Wow. What an unbelievable Lawlapalooza 2017.  There are almost too many memories to share over the course of the last week.  Thankfully, the live BingeCast we recorded went great and that’s mostly thanks to those that showed up in the audience.  We really can’t thank you guys enough for participating in this yearly event, something we’ve always wanted to and something that we’ll continue to do if the interest is still there.

As for the live show itself, what an incredible experience to be able to host the BingeCast in front of an audience who really “gets it”.  I can only imagine what the other bar patrons thought when they walked in and heard “cocksucker” being yelled out.  They got pizza, so they can shut their faces right now.

We talk about the best and worst in TV and film so far this year, a live Q&A, the Garrett Collins game is played and we also cast the Binge Media movie!

Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

YOUR hearts.

Good one.

0:00:00-Lawlapalooza 2017! Prerecorded live in Illinois. Johnny Cakes introduces The Kicks (PeteMC and TM) who play a glorious intro Sounder. 

0:02:07-Law and Moreno take the stage. Will the name Moreno last? Will Alyx take over? Do you give a shit? Anyway, there will be a live vote which isn’t live anymore. Games, prizes, cocksucking…what wait? Thanks are due. Who’s in the crowd? Ladies are there.  Not just a sausage fest. #wherethefuckisammon. Something special in the works. You probably already saw it. 7 years of Lawlapalooza. First giveaway of the night. 

0:11:35-TV ROUND UP. Same name pulling. Just like a real show, off tangent. Favorite show of the year. What shows should Law and Moreno watch? Who’s the real Eddie from Cali? Live Garrett Collins game will happen in this very show. What are the girls watching? House of Cards. Keepers? Meh? Big Brother UK?  More like Big Brother (FR)UK, #amiriteguys?Make it happen, Nate P! How is Moreno going to watch this season of Game of Thrones? 

0:29:10-Live Pee Break Sounder.

0:31:45-LIVE GOOGLE VOICE. People at the actual show ask stupid questions and get stupid answers. Or something. 

0:45:19-WHAT DID YOU WATCH? Presentation of the BMFML 2016 Champion Plaque to a one Chad Christopher. Worst movie of the year? Law and Moreno discuss, then open it up to the floor. Live GC game!! Time to play “Cast the Binge Media Staff Member.” 

1:10:50-Live Bingecast Sounder 

1:12:34-Sassquatch is in the house! Thanks are given all around. 

1:15:22-The Future of Alyx or Moreno as a name is decided. 

1:18:35-Brand New Sounder, followed by a special announcement! What a way to end!! 

And that’s it, cocksuckers. See you at the next Lawlapalooza. 


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