BingeCast: Fargo, Brockmire, Ghost in the Shell, Sounder Wars, and more

On May 14, 2017 by Jim Law

Sounder Wars are a serious thing around here. Garrett’s rating scale is uncovered. Keen gives us a quiz on ourselves. Ammon discovers the internet. Jax calls in. Another .5 argument. Other stuff. Timestamp guy?

0:00:00-Ammon’s on time. How about that, ya babadicks?

0:02:17-Law, MorenAlyx, and Ammon are here for your pleasure. Gross. The technology issues Ammon have are fucking stupid. So much noise. Cocksuckers-they are talked about. Somebody special was supposed to be on. But he’s not here. So fuck him. The usu/youzhe (short for usual) cast roundup. How’s Moreno doing with those Alien movies? Garret’s review system is dissected and holy shit, it’s a mind blowing revelation. What the fuck is May Two Four Weekend? New shit on the site. One particular Google Voice by Alex Keen is going to test the OG3. Holy shitballs.

0:22:37-FUHOOGLE VOICE. The test prep/voicemail is around the 47 minute mark. That’s the last (laahhhhst) cawl of the segment, but there’s follow up bullshit about more tests, Lawlapalooza, and sounders.

1:18:03-SASS ARGUMENTS. Yes. Then there’s a non Sass argument right after. Jesus.


1:37:40-TV ROUND UP. Brockmire, Brocksucker. Anyway, Moreno watched the first episode of that shit, bending to Law’s will. Veep. Silicon Valley. Fargo. Better Saul Call. The Leftovers. American Gods. Law dropped the ball on The Handmaid’s Tale, missed it last week. What a fuckhole.

2:00:05-Phone call with Jax. Ammon does his drunk dream casting.

2:21:16-MOVIE HOMEWORK: 50/50

2:25:10-WHAT DID YOU WATCH? Sounder War to start because yes. Law’s a slacker, didn’t watch shit. Moreno revisited Prometheus and checked out L.A. 92. Ammon saw Ghost in the Shell, and took his a-hole children to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

And that’s it. See yourself out.


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