BingeCast: Guardians, Handmaids Tale, Dream Casts, and more

On May 7, 2017 by Jim Law

Yup, fart sound boards are still funny. New Moreno drop is even funnier. Ammon has eye AIDS. Jack graduated pre-school. Law doesn’t know how to pronounce subsequent. I think that’s it. Hey TimeStamp Guy, what else did I miss?

0:00:00-Listen the fuck up.

0:01:55-Law and Falvey are on the scene. Things need to be sped up because reasons. Smash has graduated from elementary school or something. Woo-hoo! Laser and fart wars were phenomenal. Jack’s loyalty to Binge Media is tested. Jesus Christ. Drunk Dream Movie Casting to make its first appearance on this show. Get fucking ready. New Moreno drop.


1:12:17-TV ROUND UP. Better Call Saul gets highlight first. Ammon shows up and makes a shit ton of noise. Fargo. Ammon caught up on the The Leftovers. Law fifes over The Handmaid’s Tale. Veep and Silicon Valley. Smash and Law team up (ew) on American Gods. Ammon details his eye AIDS. Jack watch The Trip and The Trip to Italy thanks to Nate P. talking about The Trip to Spain last week. Law yells at everyone because he’s the only cocksucker watching Brockmire.

2:07:07- MOVIE HOMEWORK: Slither

2:33:47-WHAT DID YOU WATCH? We’re off to a smashing start as Johnny Cakes revisited Lost Souls: The Island of Dr. Moreau Documentary and In the Loop. Ammon checked out Rings, Sing, and L.A. 92. Jack and Law bring out the big guns with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Argument about half ratings. That happens.


See ya.


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