Binge Movie Aftertaste – Indiana Jones Retrospective Pt 3: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

On April 18, 2017 by Garrett Collins

By the time 1989 rolled around, five years after the previous Indiana Jones entry, the film landscape had changed. Steven Spielberg was not the only one turning out blockbusters, as a quirky filmmaker named Tim Burton rolled out Batman, a superhero juggernaut starring Jack Nicholson and Michael Keaton.

So how would Spielberg and pal George Lucas retort? By turning their once daring franchise into a sentimental journey for a father’s love and the key to immortality. Join Nate, Law, and I as we sort through Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. As always, some of us enjoyed the journey. While one, was left out in the cold. But which one of us is it this time? Listen to find out.


Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) (?/10, ?/10, ?/10)


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