BingeCast: Better Call Saul, Fast 8, Sandy Wexler, Disgraced, and more

On April 17, 2017 by Jim Law

We didn’t watch much last week but that doesn’t mean we have nothing to talk about. Ammon visits Hollywood, Law and Moreno discuss the possibility of becoming gamers in the future, and Jack Valley calls in while Google Voice thinks he’s racist as shit.

We get listener reviews of THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS, TRAINSPOTTING 2, and SANDY WEXLER. We all watch Better Call Saul, while Moreno tries to finish Iron Fist and Ammon discovers that America’s Funniest Home Videos is still on.

Law checks out DISGRACED and Ammon gets in half of FASTER.

0:00:00-You know what time it is.

0:01:48-Bingecast. Law. Alyx….or Moreno. This name thing is getting stupid. Ammon is late. Big surprise. Ammon talking to himself via sounders should be a thing. Smooth shows? Nah. Last week proved that’s not fucking happening anymore. Movie Homework…sort of. The rest of the Indy retrospective is coming at your face soon. Gross. Better Call Saul commentaries are back. Fargo commentaries will return. Leftover commentaries….maybe? Butt stuff. Video game stuff.


0:55:51-TRAILER ROUND UP: The Last Jedi and Thor: Ragnarok. Moreno talks about the Alien Aftertaste.


1:27:42-Ammon’s Hollywood Adventure

1:54:51-TV ROUND UP. Better call Saul. Moreno gives his thoughts on Iron Fist. Who is the Aquaman of a (given) franchise? Veep and The Leftovers are back. Fargo is returning soon.

2:16:00-MOVIE HOMEWORK: Faster

2:19:00-WHAT DID YOU WATCH? Law checked out Disgraced.

You’re disgraced.


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