BingeCast: Aftermath, Discovery, Brockmire, Drunk Segs, and more

On April 9, 2017 by Jim Law

Want a bunch of new sounders, drops, and drunk segments? I’m pretty sure we do all of this at some point. We also review a bunch of movies, TV, and hand in our Movie Homework on time. Timestamp guy has all the details below. Timestamp guy also gets blasted for a good half hour during the show. Timestamp guy is the best.

0:01:27-Sup. New sounder by PeteMC!

0:01:27-Law, MorenoAlyx, and PeteMC are in the hizzy. Gross, I just typed hizzy. Is the name “Moreno” on the way out? Are you #TeamAlyx or #TeamMoreno? That’s a better fucking fight than that Captain America movie. What is everyone drinkin? Ammon? Probably? I don’t know. Maybe? I don’t know. Fuck you. Drunk Segments. Another sounder to be played later. Look at all this new shit!


0:16:19-TV ROUND UP. Moreno/Alyx up the first season of Legion. Check out the recent Small Screen Heroes for more discussion on Legion. Law is not itchin’ to watch Iron Fist. Podcast Round Up Sounder! Fast and Furious. STAY THE FUCKING COURSE. Moreno is catching up on Cheers and Rick and Morty. Law gives his thoughts on Big Little Lies, which concluded. PeteMC is grilled about how he asked Ammon what the ending was. Law talks Brockmire, and to a further extent, Hank Azaria and Amanda Peet. Better Call Saul is back this week. Season 2 is highlighted a bit. Fargo. Get Down Season 2 is up and running, bitches. Santa Clarita Diet, Training Day, Veep, Silicon (Smash?) Valley, Crashing, Girls.

1:01:37-Patreon Update

1:03:11-GC sounder. More drops. Temple of Doom Aftertaste gets mentioned.

1:14:05-WHAT DID YOU WATCH? PeteMC’s first ever sounder from the old show is played. Old shows are revisited. After what is probably six hours of bullshit (not exaggerating. But maybe I am), the segment begins with Pete who saw It for the first time. (It spoilers, btw). Face Swap round up. ANYWAY. Ok, so Pete also watched Desierto, Aftermath, Split, Louis C.K. Stand up. Tangents like a motherfucker. Back to Louis C.K., which was viewed across the board. AMMON. Alyx talks second Chappelle special, and Kong: Skull Island. Ammon checked out Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Law watched The Discovery. How much do you rely on movie reviews? Do you even give a shit?





It’s over. Cool goodbye.


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5 Responses to “BingeCast: Aftermath, Discovery, Brockmire, Drunk Segs, and more”

  • Chris

    Please, Pete. I will pay you money to post the old commentaries!!!! I started listening to these guys on the Back to the Future commentary and listened to every one of them multiple times. Now, the crap site does not let me listen to them anymore and I was so bummed. Man, I would be forever in your debt!

  • Chris

    Dude, I think that is referring to Facebook and I do not have a Facebook…..

    • Petemc

      You should join the binge group on Facebook. Lot of fun. If not, what’s ur email?

      • Chris

        I am not a fan of Facebook, man. That shit is making it where I can’t have a conversation with another human. The only way would be to be in the binge group, so I might give it a shot for that. The email is I appreciate this Pete. If you do me this solid I will stop going to the Jedi Returns commentary just to listen to Law reacting to you drinking your own piss. Or at least only once every other week.