Binge GameCast Plays LIVE!

On April 7, 2017 by Jack Falvey

Now that it’s out there, here are the deets on Saturday’s streams.  Each one should last somewhere between 30-45 minutes, with the potential for the GTAV stream to go a little over since we’re going to try and tackle some heist missions.  But, as such, here’s a breakdown of who will be on and when:

Stream 1 – Bioshock Infinite

Platform: PC
Playing: Kupka
Commentating: Valley

Stream 2 – Drawn to Death
Platform: PS4
Playing: Batch & Valley
Commentating: Kupka

Stream 3 – Madden 17

Platform: XBONE
Playing: Batch & Valley
Commentating: Kupka

Stream 4 – Grand Theft Auto V

Platform: XBONE
Playing: Kupka & Valley
Commentating: Batch

These streams will later be cut into Binge GameCast Plays videos, but we’ll stream them all live on Twitch.

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