BingeCast: CinemaCon, S-Town, Iron Fist, Chappelle, Bye Bye Man, and more

On April 2, 2017 by Jim Law

BingeCast is back with a brand new beat. So gross. This will forever be know as the show where three of the four hosts fall asleep at some point during the show. The other one is a late assholio. Drop knowledge, Timestamp Guy!

0:00:00 – Hi.

0:02:05 – Little Bostonpalooza reunion over here. Moreno, Valley and Law are at the ready. Ammon is fucking MIA. Recap of last weekend’s Beantown insanity will be out for Patreon subscribers, yo. Temple of Doom Aftertaste on the way. Hold onto your potatoes! Gross. Alien stuff. BMFML. Stuff on the site. Chad C! Ammon has come. Ew.

1:26:26 – PODCAST ROUND UP: S-Town. Jack then talks about Escape Rooms. Cool.

1:52:26 – TV ROUND UP. Rapid reviews! In this edition, Ammon gives his thoughts on Iron Fist, Legion, and 24: Legacy. Moreno has got Legion as well, Dave Chappelle, and Bill Burr. Law talks about Crashing.

2:04:41 – WHAT DID YOU WATCH? Rapid Reviews continue. Valley revisited Aliens, Law saw The Bye Bye Man, and Live by Night. Moreno takes the mic with Split (which Ammon also gives his two cents on as well),

2:23:14 – GOOGLE VOICE.

Law has to go to bed. Good fucking night.


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