Small Screen Heroes: Legion Post-Mortem, Joss Whedon/Batgirl, Justice League trailer

On March 31, 2017 by Mike Batchelor

Season 1 of Legion is in the books and on this week’s Small Screen Heroes, Batch is joined by Jack Valley aka Johnny cupcakes aka Smash Valley aka MovieFreak to give you their SPOILER FILLED thoughts on this groundbreaking season.  From the style, to the music, to the characters, all things Legion are discussed and much joy is expressed.  Batch also breaks down David Heller’s comic history as well as the history of the Shadow King and how they differ from the show.

It’s been a big week for comic book movie news as well, so we discuss the breaking news of Joss Whedon Batgirl movie and can  Joss possibly save DC comic movies and get the films out of the suck hole that is the zack snider verse.

And finally how the hell can you have a Venom movie without Spider-man?

Did you love Legion as much as we did?  What Legion based stories from the comics are your favorites?  Let us know in the comments below


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One Response to “Small Screen Heroes: Legion Post-Mortem, Joss Whedon/Batgirl, Justice League trailer”

  • Michael

    Maybe if the DCMEU would borrow elements from the Astro City comics. Superheroes are prevalent, modernized not gritty in the real world. Just a everyday occurrence to citizens