Small Screen Heroes: DC Rebirth, Supersons, Deadpool 2 trailer

On March 16, 2017 by Mike Batchelor

Adam Bunch from the Bunch: Bagged and Boarded podcast joins Batch this week for some deep in the paint comic talk.

Supersons is awesome even though Damian Wayne is a dick, Thor looks like he’s going to get his hammer back in time for the new movie and what happened at the end of The Clone Conspiracy?

The latest goings on in Flash, Supergirl, Legends and Arrow are recapped, the casting news on the new X-Men universe TV show, as well as the epic teaser to Deadpool 2 that got dropped on comic fandom. And is this  truly the last time we will see Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and is he ever gonna put on that damn yellow spandex?


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2 Responses to “Small Screen Heroes: DC Rebirth, Supersons, Deadpool 2 trailer”

  • Michael

    Hey Bunch,

    How did you feel about Clark Kent’s revelation?

    • Mike Batchelor

      im digging it, mxy is a great foil for superman. the red and blue stuff is a homage to the classic superman red and blue stuff. and it inches its way closer to the watchmen stuff