BingeCast: Logan, Get Out, Legion, Lion, Crashing, Big Little Lies, and more

On 5 March, 2017 by Jim Law

0:00:00-Crank up the volume, cocksucker.

0:02:03-Law and Moreno and Valley. Good shit. It’s cold out there in Rhode Island. Old School Voicemail. Goovey Awards discussed a bit. Binge Aftertaste: Indiana Jones coming your way this Friday. Hold onto your potatoes! March 12th for BMFMLMLBMPMCTM picks! You get it. 12 pm CST! That’s cocksucking time. Video games. Patreon stuff. Exclusive content. More Goovey stuff. “I Love Him.”

0:38:32 -Sounder for Randy Rivet!

0:45:35-GOOGLE VOICE. Some Logan (movie) talk and Oscar stuff sprinkled in there.

2:11:29-TV ROUND UP. Moreno has got one-Legion. Jack gives his thoughts on a 30 for 30, which is an ’85 Bears Documentary. Tangents. Law is deep into comedies with Always Sunny, Workaholics, Man Seeking Woman, Crashing, Last Week Tonight, and Girls. He presses on with Billions and Big Little Lies. Walking Dead? Fuck.

2:58:22– WHAT DID YOU WATCH? Reminiscing about an episode with drunk ass Ammon way back when starts off the segment. Jack begins with Get Out and Logan. Ammon shows up towards the end of the Logan review and talks about why he’s looking so dapper (check the Binge Media facebook page). Moreno saw I Don’t Feel at Home in this World Anymore (which Law also happened to see). Ammon takes the mic with Hidden Figures, Lion, Passengers, The Lego Batman Movie, and switches to TV with Legion, 24: Legacy, Taboo, The Bachelor, This is Us. He also rewatched The Matrix.

4:20:03 – Ammon’s old JoBlo show.

I’m done.


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One Response to “BingeCast: Logan, Get Out, Legion, Lion, Crashing, Big Little Lies, and more”

  • Chris

    Valley, I am 10000000% on your side. I went to a showing of Hidden Figures on a Sunday like weeks after it was released. My girlfriend and I were the only white people (which is fine!!!….) and it was the worst movie going experience of my life. There was an argument through the first third of the movie about seats because most theaters in TX are going to assigned seating. So these two obnoxious bitches were arguing when there was obvious evidence that one was right and the other was wrong. They had to get multiple employees of the AMC to kick her out and she was belligerent on her way out. After that, I think there was about 50 MMMM-HMMMMs from all of the black women when there was any conflict between white and black people in the movie. Lastly, everyone clapped anytime a black person did anything right in the movie. I get it, segregation and racism sucks and these women are awesome, but fuck! This is a movie where I need to listen to what is going on and pay attention. Go do that shit at the next Madea movie or something.