BingeCast: John Wick 2, Manchester By The Sea, Fist Fight, Legion

On February 27, 2017 by Moreno

0:00:00-BingeCast. Bring it.

0:01:52-Moreno. Smash. What more do you need? PJ? Sure. He’s here too, goddamnt. The intern still has to work up to his big boy pants. BMFML updates are a thing. Podcast history and related shit. Goovy Awards will be presented on February 28th, 2017, assholes. Get your dicks ready. What? First Music Cast of 2017 hits this week. Oscars? More like #cockscars, amiriteguys?


0:56:18-MOVIE HOMEWORK: True Lies. RIP Bill Paxton.

1:11:53-TV ROUND UP. Moreno is still paddlin’ through Schitt’s Creek, catching up on Always Sunny and Rick and Morty. He tapped out of the Young Pope, he’s slacking on Taboo. John Oliver. PJ gives his stance on Taboo, the final season of Black Sails, Big Little Lies, Stranger Things, and requests Netflix recommendations. Jack breaks down Netflix in a scientific manner. Look at the big brain on Brad. Lot of tangents. Jack rights the course with Always Sunny and dissects Legion. Scientology show. More bullshit. Jeezus.

2:06:50-Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Director’s Cuts, Theatrical Cuts, Weird Jumanji editing, Citizen Kane, Casablanca, 80’s comedies, well hell I don’t know Jim Law I’m trying here!

2:38:21-WHAT DID YOU WATCH? PJ starts off with Now You See Me 2, in which he quickly moves on. He caught Swiss Army Man (Spoiler within), Girl on the Train, Midnight Special, Nocturnal Animals, Lego Batman Movie, and La La Land. Jack goes next with Lego Batman Movie, The Founder, and John Wick: Chapter 2. Moreno rounds out the segment with Manchester by the Sea, and Fist Fight.

3:17:03– PJ gets the floor to talk about whatever. More about the upcoming Music Cast. GET YOUR PICKS IN, DICKS. MARCH 11. DUE DATE. Bostonpalooza. Lawlapalooza. Are you coming? You should. Come all over. Cocksucker.

And there you have it. Enjoy your fucking week.


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