2017 BMFML Top 100 (well, Top 95 if you wanna get technical)

On 26 February, 2017 by Kupka

Here it is, our official ranking of who we believe to be the Top 100 for this upcoming season. Now take 6 of these fools, or feel free to take people that aren’t listed as well, add 2 movies and 2 directors and send them over to BingeGameCast@gmail.com. If you’re new to the league don’t forget to include your team name. If you are a returning member name changes will be entertained but not guaranteed. Good luck to everyone this season and don’t forget to check back later to find out who will be crowned champion of the 2016 BMFML.

James Franco
Ross Carter
Ron M Patterson
Tony Beard
Jackson Kai
Aaron Mitchell
Jon Arthur
Anthony Vance Pierce
John L. Armijo
Scott Haze
Bern Collaco
Bina Forbes
Donald K. Overstreet
Javier Botet
Deborah Rock
J.K. Simmons
John Archer Lundgren
Slim Khezri
Juan Gaspard
Kirk H. Anderson
Christina Michelle Williams
Dino Fazzani
Jason Matthewson
Stuart Whelan
Jonah-Blaine Bowling
Lara Grice
Ronald Joe Vasquez
Sean Stevens
Pete Buzzsaw Holland
Tahseen Ghauri
Alona Leoine
Tom Dab
Bernardo Santos
Inder Kumar
Honey Holmes
Jamel Chambers
John Goodman
Stanley Tucci
Karl Farrer
Clem So
Ryan Newton
Cale Kampers
Paul Riley Fox
Rob Riggle
Romar Bennett
Tony Paul West
Gabriel Iglesias
Pamela Betsy Cooper
Domhnall Gleeson
Daniel Stisen
Steve Kish
Ewan McGregor
Anthony J Sacco
Tyrone Love
Destiny Lopez
Karen Gillan
Idris Elba
Maya Rudolph
Ty Hurley
Edward Mannering
Rachel de la Torre
Josh Brolin
David Bautista
Mark Cross
Solomon Taiwo Justified
Patrick Stewart
Jon Quested
Marlonde Pierre
Dwayne Johnson
Stan Lee
Gary Weeks
Friday Chamberlain
Alex Jaep
Isabela Moner
Jackie Chan
Roman Green
Ewen Bremner
Michael Pena
Winnie Mzembe
Abhishek Mehta
Josh Gad
Nick Donald
Hugh Jackman
Tom Hiddleston
Jason Speer
Chloe Collingwood
Vin Diesel
Kurt Russell
Gal Gadot
Anthony Hopkins
Dean Weir
Andy Serkis
Tom Hardy
Daisy Ridley
Elizabeth Banks

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