BingeCast: Split, Hidden Figures, Manchester By the Sea, Taboo

On January 29, 2017 by Moreno

Kupka, Ammon, Valley, Moreno.  It’s a full house on this week’s BingeCast.  We’re drunk and trying to come up with a 4 on Tom Collins recipe (which just tastes like malort and is purple).

Google Voice is light again this week, let’s step it up!

The saga continues with Lance and Art’s Search for Garrett’s Bar and we tease an audio accent review Matt Wilson sent in of Trainspotting 2, but we drank and forgot to play it.

Young Pope, Taboo and a This is Us update in TV Round Up.

What did we watch this week?  We’ll fucking tell you. Split, Hidden Figures, Manchester by the Sea, Moonlight, Moana and Hacksaw Ridge are all reviewed.  Ammon gets high and revisits E.T.

Movie Homework was The Fifth Element and we talk about that shit.

Listen goddamit.


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