On January 26, 2017 by Pete Cetinich

This column will introduce you to the most popular movies that are coming out in theaters this weekend and why you should go see them. Which one will you see?


Reasons to see this:

Kenny and Kay are an unlikely pair that travel to the Indonesian jungle to find…you guessed it…gold.  Matthew McConaughey and Bryce Dallas Howard star as Ken and Kay.  The rest of the cast includes Toby Kebbell (Fantastic Four 2015), Rachel Taylor (Transformers), Edgar Ramirez (Ammon’s favorite film – The new Point Break), Bruce Greenwood, Corey Stoll, and more.  Stephen Gaghan directs this dramatic thriller.  Gaghan is most notable for writing Traffic and directing Syriana.  Check out Gold this weekend.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Reasons to see this:

Resident Evil 6.  Really?  Anyway, Alice is back once again to fight the undead.  Starring in this action flick are Milla Jovovich, Ruby Rose, Ali Larter, Iain Glen (Game of Thrones), and more.  The director of this final installment is Paul W.S. Anderson.  Anderson’s last 4 directorial films are Resident Evil: Afterlife, The Three Musketeers (2011), Resident Evil: Retribution, and Pompeii.  Finally, it’s the final chapter of this franchise.  I think.

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