Binge MusicCast: Roots N Blues N BBQ Fest!

On October 10, 2016 by Moreno

This past weekend I was asked by a good friend of mine to tag along for a music fest in Columbia, Missouri.  My first thought was, Columbia, Missouri?  Really?  After looking at the lineup, I shot off a “yes!” reply without even checking if I was available.  Thing was, due to the lineup, I was going to make myself available.  There were at least a handful of bands that I definitely wanted to see, and a couple of others that I wouldn’t mind seeing.  No biggie, right?


By the time we arrived on site, I was given press credentials.  A total surprise.  I’ve attended a ton of music and film festivals, working as either press or spectator.  Whatever the case, I was going to write about this on Binge or for my own personal journals.  The addition of the press pass gave us access to a sectioned off VIP section at the front of the stage and way in the back of the festival grounds.  Back there, you had hay stacks and chairs and sofas to sit on with a pretty unobstructive view of the stage.  Not to mention the food that came with it.  Make no mistake, Columbia, Missouri gets down on food.

But the VIP section, immediately behind the photog pit, was only about 15 feet from the stage.  And that’s the kind of thing that makes you question your objectivity.  Because you’re so close to the action, does that make you forgive a bad set?  Does it make you love the set more solely because you’re that close?


Well, that’s what we get into on this day by day snapshot of the Roots N Blues N BBQ Fest.  There were of course some highs and lows but for the most part, the festival delivered in many different ways.  But ultimately, it delivered in the way of a goddamn chicken biscuit sandwich with a fried egg smothered in southern gravy.  Now THAT is where I become biased.

Chris Prunckle from the Wannabe Music Blog ( and I discuss each day, each performance that we saw and fight on the things that we don’t agree on (not many).

img_6930 img_6927

Hope you guys enjoy.

*Thanks to The Reverend Peyton Big Damn Band, Southern Culture on the Skids and Shovels and Rope for the use of their music.


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