BingeCast: Jason Bourne, Zombeavers, The Purge: Election Year Accent Review

On September 26, 2016 by Moreno

This week’s BingeCast was a first, as we recorded the whole thing in three different segments.  How does this affect your listening pleasure?  By fucking enhancing it, that’s how.  The show isn’t linear as all of our other BingeCasts, but we feel that adds to the looseness of this episode.

Law, Ammon and myself decide to break up the recording of this because of life shit, but it actually turned out pretty fun as we got to bullshit about other shit than movies and TV, although there’s PLENTY of that.  Law and I talk about getting drunk and tripping on acid as young assholes.  Ammon and I talk about Halloween decorations.  We all get drunk and yell.

The format is a little up in the air this week but What Did You Watch has reviews of Colonia, Central Intelligence, Jason Bourne, The Homesman, Zombeavers, Pay the Ghost, Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension, Cold in July and an amazing accent review of The Puuuuurge: Election Year.

TV Round Up features American Horror Story, South Park, Baskets, Quarry, Vice Principals and your mom.

More talk of Emmys, Howard Stern shitting on Windsor, Google Voice with Macho Man and review of Riot Fest by Kupka, whether or not Monster Squad should be shown to kids and Rolling Stones Top 100 TV Shows of all time.

I am also doing a 31 Days of Halloween but only the best of the best.  Comment below with your choices.  I’ll watch that shit.  Shut up.


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