BingeCast: Surviving the Apocalypse

On September 7, 2016 by Moreno

Thanks to everyone for supporting us via Patreon!  It’s CSers like you that make special shows like this possible.

Since we hit a milestone, we put up a poll here and on Facebook with a list of topics that we wanted you guys to vote on. The topic with the most votes would then become a subject of a show entirely on its own.

We threw in what we thought would be some kick ass topics that would make a good show, but one topic in particular took the prize.

You need to survive the apocalypse.  And you need a team.  Choosing from movies and TV characters (human only), who would you pick as your team?

What follows on this podcast is one of the most fun, violent, filthy, and yell-y discussions we’ve had.  And it was all due to you guys donating on Patreon and voting on the topics.  We fucking love you guys.

More shows like this in the future will be had on the BingeCast, so stay tuned for that.  Below are our teams that got us so goddamn heated that we called each other cocksucker, yelled loudly, and threatened to fuck one character in their empty eye socket.

What would your team look like?


Law’s Team:

  • John Rambo – First Blood
  • John Conner – Terminator Series
  • Snake Plissken – Escape From New York
  • Batman – Where else?
  • Ellen Ripley – Alien

Moreno’s Team:

  • Sarah Connor – Terminator 2
  • Beatrix Kiddo – Kill Bill
  • Barry Pepper (forgot his name) Saving Private Ryan
  • Arya Stark – Game of Thrones
  • Morpheus – The Matrix

Ammon’s Team:

  • Dutch – Predator
  • Mac – MacGyver
  • Mad Max – Beyond Thunderdome
  • Big Titties – Barb Wire
  • Caaaaaarl – The Walking Dead


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