Binge Movie Aftertaste w/ Adam Simon, Gustavo Alvarez, and Clifton Collins Jr

On March 25, 2016 by Garrett Collins

Well, this was a real treat. After putting together a retrospective that revolves around Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, the last thing I expected is to have a show containing a truly inspirational story. On this special edition of the Binge Movie Aftertaste, I welcome not one, not two, but THREE people who all have such stories to tell.

First, the great Adam Simon makes his by my count 437th appearance on the Binge airwaves. The thing with Simon is he keeps topping himself with each subsequent appearance. There’s a reason we love having him on. The man is extremely personable and approachable. His stories and scripts come from his heart, and he makes sure to bring a RedLine with him to the microphone in order to make sure his tired state keeps up with everybody.

Making his first appearance on Binge Media is the one and only Gustavo Alvarez. Gustavo is open about his former gang life, and how his own mistakes kept him from achieving his long in development career goals. The two people Gustavo thanks for helping him out of the rut are Adam, and my final guest.

Longtime Binge listeners remember my third guest, as also on the line is the amazingly versatile Clifton Collins Jr. Currently filming the HBO miniseries Westworld with Sir Anthony (sorry, Tony) Hopkins, Collins goes into many stories about working with JJ Abrams, Guillermo Del Toro, and the legendary Terrence Malick. He also gives some heart warming insight into why Sam Jackson is a huge part of his life. Hint – if you do not like Jackson by the time this interview is over, then check your pulse.

All three also talk about the rollar coaster of emotions they experienced sponsoring MMA fighter Thor Skancke, how Prison Ramen, a recipe book Collins wrote with Alvarez came about, how their current film collaboration The Pawn came about, and so much more in this special hour plus interview.

Be sure to check out Prison Ramen on Amazon and local bookstores, as well as the Collins starring film Triple 9, in theaters now. And be sure to keep an eye on these airwaves for updates on the further development of The Pawn.

Thank you so much to Alvarez, Simon, and Collins for this incredible interview.


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