Poll: What Binge Media merch would you buy?

On July 6, 2015 by Moreno


That’s the boozy face of someone that is quite drunk, yet happy to have a Binge Media shirt.

In other words, this could be you.

Law and I have been mulling over what Binge Media merchandise we can produce, but the list is long and wide and our funds aren’t.  So we wanted to poll the audience and see what you guys would buy, if anything, from the Binge Media Store.  With the addition of supporting the site via donations, or buying one of our existing Binge Media t-shirts, offering up some additional swag would help keep us afloat.

Cast your vote on the poll below, this will give us a good indication of what product is worth investing in.

Thanks ya’ll!

[yop_poll id=”245″]

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