Binge Movie Aftertaste w/ Joanna Angel

On January 23, 2015 by Garrett Collins

BmZksreCYAAdXMaWith titles like Evil Head and The Grinch Who Gaped Christmas, adult film star Joanna Angel has become a force within the porn industry. This week on Binge Movie Aftertaste, Moreno and Garrett decide to explore a different side of the film business by speaking to Ms Angel about her endeavors within its realms. Joanna gets things going by talking about how she started her site Burning Angel while still finishing up her English degree at Rutgers, and how she still has that site to this day. After excitingly speaking about her recent signing with Stockholm, Angel then talks about how scary it is to have an empire and be responsible for many more careers besides her own. She delves into how she was approached for her appearance in the zombie film documentary Doc of the Dead (done by the same people who did The People vs George Lucas) and how a taste of the mainstream is good for anyone in the porn business.

After calling Garrett out for not having done his research, Angel touches on her work for Vivid Radio, and gives some stories about how she gets calls on the show from guys who ask her to ‘encourage’ their masturbation. She finishes the interview by talking about the AVNs and how the format, and business in general, has changed since she entered it.

After Angel hangs up, the lovely Jason Morris –complete with his airport supplied non fat/non whipB4qJr8vIgAAb4PG mocha- joins the show right before boarding a plane to speak about the recent release of his film Story of Eva, and how he hopes it has a lasting life besides just its opening week. The show is closed off with a mini preview of what next week’s –yes, I said next week’s- Binge Movie Aftertaste is going to consist of, which is Jason and Garrett giving their Top Ten Films of 2014 lists. So while this show is a tad shorter than normal, you can be sure next week’s will be long enough to finish off a six pack to.

See Joanna at, and hear her on Vivid Radio (Sirius/XM channel 102) every Tuesday from 1-2 PM.

Also, don’t forget to pick up Story of Eva on the iTunes, Sony, and Xbox streaming platforms. Stay tuned for more release dates as pertains to physical DVD copies.


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