BingeCast: The Skeleton Twins, The U: Part 2, Black Mirror Christmas, and more!

On December 21, 2014 by Jim Law

For the last BingeCast before Christmas, Moreno, Ammon, and Law get super drunk and never stop talking. Seriously, we have so much to discuss in this episode that we recorded another show after we pressed stop and will release it later in the week titled The AfterCast. As for this show, things kick off with the Sony hack and our dream that it’s all an elaborate marketing ploy. We also come up with a trendy “Watergate” type name for the whole fiasco. It’s amazing. Then Google Voice brings the goods with three quality voicemails. We can tell they’re getting tired of translating The Babadiiiiick.

Everybody says goodbye to Serial as we review the last episode of the first season and wonder about what the future of the show will bring.

TV Round-Up visits Homeland and sees Ammon catch up with Black Mirror. Speaking of which, Law and Moreno discuss the Black Mirror Christmas special, White Christmas, and continue to love everything about the show.

Moreno hosts the best ever version of Stupid Comments and stumps Law and Ammon with two impossible questions.

What Did You Watch has words about THE SKELETON TWINS, THE U: PART 2, and more talk about NIGHTCRAWLER and THE EQUALIZER. All reviews lead to more arguments about BOYHOOD.

Finally, Ammon brings back Literally Literary by reviewing Inherent Vice.

Stay tuned this week for The Binge Aftertaste with AMERICAN PSYCHO writer, Guinevere Turner, and the aforementioned AfterCast with a bunch of drunk idiots.


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bc230bmwc THE SKELETON TWINS, from left: Bill Hader, Kristen Wiig, 2014. ©Lionsgate/Courtesy Everett bc230tup2

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