Jack Attack Tuesday -The Unbelievers, Boardwalk Empire and NFL Week 1

On September 9, 2014 by Jack Falvey

Jack Attack Tuesday – 9/9/14

The Unbelievers, Boardwalk Empire and

NFL Week 1


I’ve got a thing for documentaries, especially ones that ask uncomfortable questions and address controversial topics.  The Unbelievers is a documentary, available on Netflix, that follows scientists Lawrence Krauss and Richard Dawkins as they travel around the world holding public conversations about their debate that science is more logical and factual than religion.  I, myself, struggle with this idea, but I enjoy seeing both sides of the argument eloquently explained.  There’s no one out there who can better argue their point than Richard Dawkins, and the idea of a documentary focusing on him and one of his colleagues is fascinating subject matter.  The movie itself…meh.  The conversation is fascinating, and the movie is mercifully under an hour-twenty, but it does drag.  I love watching TED talks but those last a maximum of 30 minutes.  Hearing someone drone on to a crowd who has showed up just to hear a dry seminar…it’s only entertaining for so long.  Good subject matter, average delivery, 6 on 10 from me.


I’m happy to report Boardwalk Empire hasn’t missed a beat.  Moreno and I spoke about it during the commentary this week but Boardwalk is, as it always has been, marching to the beat of its own drum.  If you love the show, you’re a fan of atmosphere and character development, because the action scenes here are few-and-far-between.  I loved the season opener and am really happy to be here for the end.  I know Sons is getting a ton of attention for taking its final bow this year, but Boardwalk, hopefully, will have the more meaningful impact.  HBO will have a serious hole in their schedule to fill once this is gone, but here’s to hoping the season continues down this path.


There was a time when I would have tempered my week based off whether or not the Pats won.  Fantasy football has completely broken me of that, much to my pleasure as I can appreciate the gamesmanship more than my undying loyalty to New England football.  Yes, the Pats stumbled horribly, but anyone who watches this sport will tell you that one game doesn’t tell you the story of an entire team, or season.  Losses are a tough pill to swallow, especially one so embarrassing as this one was, but hopefully next week is a more complete game for my boys in blue.  At least Gronk is smashing things again.

Stay tuned this week to hear me twice (movin’ on up!) on our commentaries for The Strain and Boardwalk Empire, and don’t forget to check out our daily blogs.  Binge on!

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