Jack Attack Tuesday – Borderlands 2, Parks and Rec, The Wire, Patriots Football and Jim Lawlapalooza Reflections (From the Outside)

On September 2, 2014 by Jack Falvey

Jack Attack Tuesday – 9/2/14

Borderlands 2, Parks and Rec, The Wire, Patriots Football and

Jim Lawlapalooza Reflections (From the Outside)

BL2_gc_Combat in Lynchwood

Have I mentioned that Steam is, literally, the greatest thing ever done for video games?  Well it is, and one of the amazing byproducts of my revitalized love of PC gaming is revisiting games that I initially may have rushed through.  Case-in-point: Borderlands 2.  I don’t know how, but my first play-through of this game left me wanting a lot more.  I think that was probably due to the fact that, because my brothers aren’t into the games I am I was playing solely by myself.  What a mistake, as multiplayer Borderlands 2 is like a completely different game.  It’s incredible how high the replay value becomes once you have three other people participating in the mayhem.  Again, if you’re on steam, hit me up and let’s play.


I’m happy to report I’ve officially jumped on the Parks and Rec bandwagon.  I added the Swanson Pyramid of Greatness to this article because it is literally the moment in this show where I finally got it.  The comedy here is solid, layered and full of good characters.  I’m now on season 3 and the inclusion of Rob Lowe and Adam Scott is really enjoyable, particularly Rob Lowe, whose comedic chops are on full display here.  Once again, glad I stuck it out for this one as it’s becoming a staple in the house.


For those of you keeping track at home, I’m rounding out season 2 of The Wire in prep for our upcoming commentaries.  I said it on the BingeCast earlier and I’ll say it here again; give season 2 a break.  David Simon went in a totally new direction and gave viewers something radically different than anything done on TV before or since, but that’s far from a bad thing.  Frank Sobotka is a great character and provides a strong connection to the normal working class in Baltimore, something very important to the overall journey of the series.  I’m actually looking forward to the season 2 commentaries more than season 1, call me crazy.

Jimmy Garoppolo, Tom Brady, Ryan Mallett

I can’t believe football is finally here.  I’m so ready for this season I can’t stand it, and at 1:00pm this Sunday my ass will be planted firmly in front of a gigantic TV, hopefully with a nice brew and some great company.  I’m over the moon for my boys’ roster this year, and the (surprise) announcement that Gronk is good to go for game 1.  While Gronk seems to be the lynchpin for the offense in the eyes of many analysts, I try to remember that last year, with a core of rookie receivers and a decimated defense, the Pats still made it all the way to the AFC Championship Game.  The consistency of this team is, at this moment, unrivaled across the league, and I’m ecstatic because of that.  I’m also glad that Jimmy Garoppolo is getting the backup job this year behind Brady, as I’ve never been too impressed with Ryan Mallett’s production whatsoever.  Garoppolo already looks like he understands the mechanics and timing of a football game better than Mallett ever did.  I’m not saying the kid is the next Aaron Rodgers, but he looks solid and willing to learn, two traits that made Tommy Touchdown the champ he is today.  I’m calling it now, AT LEAST 14-2 this season.

I wanted to take a minute to acknowledge this past weekend’s Jim Lawlapalooza.  First of all, thank you gents for the call during the show, it was great to be there in spirit.  Second of all, and to all my fellow BingeFans/Staff, how fucking FUN did that look/sound?  I’m there next year, by hook or by crook, no doubt.  Here’s hoping the boys come out to New York so we can go get drunk outside the New York Public Library and quote Ghostbusters lines.  Check back later this week for our daily blogs and a new Strain commentary (which kicked major ass this week!).  Binge on!

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