Review: Rapture Palooza

On August 28, 2013 by Jim Law


Review: Rapture-Palooza

By Steve Wood 

So what happens when the rapture actually comes? All of the church-goers and goody two shoes are lifted off to heaven, while the degenerates, blasphemers and the like are sentenced to Hell on Earth for the rest of their lives.

Lindsey (Ana Kendrick) and her boyfriend Ben (John Francis Daley) are enjoying a night out at the local bowling alley, when without notice, half the people in the place vanish and only their clothes remain. Soon after, the locusts show up, the skies rain blood, the crows spout obscenities, and demons walk the Earth, who eventually get bored and turn into potheads.

The Anti-Christ shall cometh, and he shall reside in Seattle, and be played by Craig Robinson. After coming into power, he insists on being called “The Beast”.


Written by Chris Matheson, who wrote both Bill and Ted films came up with something hilarious here, and the cast was perfect.  Besides Kendrick and Robinson, we have Rob Corddry, Thomas Lennon, Rob Huebel, Paul Scheer, Tyler Labine, Ana Gasteyer, and Ken Jeong, and they all shine.

Robinson’s Beast is portrayed closer to a mafia boss or kingpin rather than concentrated evil, but it’s alright, because he’s damn hilarious. The shit that comes out of his mouth is some of the dirtiest I’ve heard outside of a Kevin Smith movie, all while playing it completely straight. He may be the ruler of Hell on Earth, but all he seems to want is to get laid.

The highlight of the film has to be the battle between God and Satan, which isn’t as “biblical” in scale as you might think, and the battle starts with one of the best lines in the film; “You laser beamed Jesus.”

I would highly recommend this film if you’re fans of Kevin Smith’s humor from 15-20 years ago (holy shit it’s hard to believe it was that long ago), or if you’re into the obscenity filled, overtly dirty comedies of more recent. The satire is very thick here, but there isn’t an underlying message being forced down your throat, so I love that.



5 Responses to “Review: Rapture Palooza”

  • D_Luis

    I love how they make Anna Kendrick appear on the cover in a tight, white dress and yet she still doesn’t look attractive.

  • Floyd

    old no lip herself right on the cover. I will definitely check this out though.

  • steve wood

    In her defense, she has some nice boob action going on in the movie.

  • Floyd

    I give this a 5.5 after watching it.

    • Steve Wood

      What can I say, I’ve loved Craig Robinson ever since I first saw him on The Office, his delivery is so good. Also, I love movies poking fun at religion like this, Dogma is my favorite Smith movie, and Religilous is one of my favorite documentaries.