The Epic ScreenCap Championship: The Sweet 16!

On August 25, 2013 by Jim Law

The were definately some close match-ups in the first round but only one I consider a true upset. PSYCHO beating THE USUAL SUSPECTS was a complete surprise to me and I would never have predicted Hitchcock classic moving into the second round. So here we have it, the Sweet 16 is set and will be open for voting tomorrow (Tuesday, Aug 27). There will be two match-ups a day with voting ending on all matches this Saturday, Aug 31. Take a gander at the bracket below and get ready for some more epic battles.


14 Responses to “The Epic ScreenCap Championship: The Sweet 16!”

  • Steve Wood

    Biggest shock to me was that Scarface beat Halloween.

  • YoshioKun13

    My inclination was that if I haven’t the seen the movie(of which I am guilty on a few of these) then I probably would or should not vote for that shot. There are definitely some surprise upsets here, and I did vote for HALLOWEEN.

    The biggest one for me is JAWS over AMERICAN BEAUTY. Seems to me like most of the votes might be favoring the movie, as opposed to the image chosen. Movie itself aside, that JAWS shot is more iconic than Mena Suvari and the rose petals…….seriously?

    • PKmart

      I agree… but I think that’s just the nature of the beast. People are always going to lean towards their movie choice over the actual screenshot.

      IMO, this also happened with the Reservoir Dogs vs. Jurassic Park. The cult following of the movie pushed this to win. That scene from Jurassic Park still holds up to this day (20 years later) both visually and iconically.

      If we were talking about a screencap from the ear cutting scene… maybe I’d have voted differently.

      • YoshioKun13

        Too true.

        Even my approach to sticking with the movies I’ve seen versus ones I haven’t, is a perfect example of that. Guess what I’m trying to get at is, I tried hard NOT to favor certain films and just judge the shots on their own accord.

        I voted for RESERVOIR cause I actually do think it’s the better of the 2. Something about the composition of the angles of the bodies and contrast in lighting, just gives it something more. The T-Rex shot is cool, but I can’t help but think there are even more iconic shots from JP which could’ve been used. I myself recently made a 10-spot list of pretty much the same things, and did put JP on it but used a different image from the movie. If that’s the one that had been presented here, I may have voted for it instead.

    • Jim Law

      I think that JAWS shot is 10x more iconic than anything to do with American Beauty. I wouldn’t have been surprised had it lost though.

      • YoshioKun13

        Purely shot-to-shot, I just think the AMERICAN BEAUTY image is a more interesting visual. But within the context of the movie itself, yes I’d say that scene in JAWS is a far more iconic moment in cinema. Suppose it simply depends on how you choose to judge these, either by the standalone image or in a more contextual sense…

  • Jack Falvey

    It’s a shame Apocalypse Now didn’t survive Round 1. That’s a defining movie moment for me.

  • Jack Falvey

    Also, the final shot of Burton’s Batman would have been epic as hell…just sayin…

    • YoshioKun13

      That’s a great one.

      BATMAN ’89 occupied the No. 1 spot on my recent TOP 10 of iconic movie shots, though I chose the Batwing in front of the moon. If there’s a defining image to that movie which always instantly comes to mind, it’s that one.

  • YoshioKun13

    I am (pleasantly)surprised FIGHT CLUB made it to Round 2…

    Mark it down now, E.T. is going all the way and takin’ it all!

  • Jack Nicholson is winning this. I’m calling it right now.

    Epic contest idea, also.