Binge Cast: Best of Google Voicemails!

On July 22, 2013 by Moreno


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We are just over 20 episodes deep into this new venture that we call and we couldn’t be more stoked about the response and support you guys have given us over the past couple of months.  Stoked?  What am I, a fucking surfer from the 70s?


Seriously, we were all a part of something in our past lives, and nearly ALL of you followed us into this new life that we call The Binge Cast.  So fucking thank you and shit.  Stop asking us to be appreciative already!

Sorry for yelling.

In the beginning, we didn’t want the new Binge Cast to be the same ol’ same ol’ that you were used to hearing, and we definitely didn’t want to lose one of the most important components to our show:   the listeners.  So, we established a Google Voice mailbox, sent out the number, and you responded.  But something happened.  The Google Voice translator?  Is an ASSHOLE.  Getting things all wrong and shit.  It’s quickly become one of our favorite segments we’ve ever done, and now we have the listeners calling in with some of the most creative ways to fuck with the Google Voice translators.


For this episode, we took all of the Google Voice messages we’ve received from the Binge Cast listeners and compiled it into a “Best of“.  Cocky right?  To call it a best of? Fuck off.  We hear from guys who played our own shows against us, people who threaten to hunt us down if we drop off the face of the Earf again, and old time listeners phone in and wonder if we broke up like The Fugees and shit.  We’re 20 episodes deep, and we’ll see you for another 20 more.  And beyond.


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