The Weekly Douche: Michael Cutler (Over the Top)

On July 12, 2013 by Jim Law



Michael Cutler (Over the Top)

Very few kids have left this kind of impact on me. Every annoying kid I have ever dealt in my life with has been compared to this little cock. Seriously, if I ever want to punch a kid in the face (which is two or three times a week) I simply think back to how brutally shitty Michael is and it makes the situation seem less urgent. Nobody is this arrogant and repulsive in real life, right? I hate this movie because of him. I hate Stallone in this movie because of him. How are we supposed to watch Rambo/Rocky get railroaded by some punk brat for an entire movie and not see him snap at least once and explode his smug fucking face all over that giant dashboard? Oh, you went to military school? Well fuck military school then. They’re doing it wrong.

The second (and I mean the very fucking instant) I see any of my kids acting like this twat I will either a) go out for milk, in Australia or b) head-butt them until they forget how to annoy me. Michael has haunted my dreams for years, hopfully getting my message out there will cure me of his disease.

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