The Weekly Douche: Charlie Sandin (The Purge)

On 28 June, 2013 by Jim Law



Charlie Sandin (The Purge)


I’m not saying that everything bad that happens in THE PURGE is Charlie’s (Max Burkholder) fault…….. Hold on, that’s exactly what I’m saying. When there’s an annual night of murder and mayhem, when everybody in the country is allowed to go out and kill, burn, destroy, and pillage as they please – don’t open the door for the scary bleeding man running down the street. Should this even have to be said? Is there a person on the planet that doesn’t understand this concept? Charlie doesn’t understand fuck all. He sits in his blacked-out bedroom as he controls his remote control baby doll throughout the house. Seriously, this is how he interacts with his family. This is how he watches television. It’s a whole new level of lazy asshole teenager. And when the homeless man comes into the house and all hell breaks loose, his mom asks “Are you okay, honey?” No, Mom, you twat, your kid is a fucking idiot. There’s roughly twelve people dead in your living room because you raised the dumbest cock on the planet. And to think they could of killed this little shit for free that night. Oops, gun slipped and shot Charlie in the face six times. My bad.

If Charlie was in a boat he’d drill a hole in the bottom to let the fish come aboard. If Charlie was in a plane he’d open a window to let the birds rest their wings. If Charlie was in a terrible movie he’d do something idiotic just to see if he could make it worse. Well done, Charlie.

5 Responses to “The Weekly Douche: Charlie Sandin (The Purge)”

  • Floyd

    If hitler, bin laden and charlie were in a room and i had a gun with two bullets i would shoot charlie twice

  • Peter (petemc23)

    This is why I love the Binge cast. So happy you hated this kid and the movie. I thought I was the only one who hated it.

  • mike

    i just watched this shit and i googled charlie sandin idiot and this website come out

  • Richard

    I stopped by to say I agree wholeheartedly. This kid is a next level kind of retarded. Ethan should have shot
    Charlie that night to prevent this pussy stupidity from coming in to the planet. The kid is just so stupid, he single
    handley gets his father killed. I hope Charlie grows up and hangs himself with a belt for ruining his family
    I hope in the next Purge the cookie cutter mom stabs him several times.

    Also, Max Whatever can’t act worth a damn. He shows no emotion and smiles near the end,
    As if holding back a laugh. Fuck that kid and his character.

  • Dhika

    He is an idiot! Just because of his faults, he lost his dad.
    Maybe he should wear a dress. From the beginning i thought he was a girl! Look at his hairdo, and the way he walks look like a bitch.
    if i had a son like him, i definitely kill myself before he did it.
    So Charlie, please cut and change your hairdo and go fuck yourself

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