Binge Cast #1

On May 5, 2013 by Moreno

law-morenoLadies and Gentleman, grab a six pack, a pair of headphones and sit down for the inaugural Binge Media Podcast, so cleverly titled, “Binge Cast“.   Seriously, we spent an hour and drank a bottle of vodka trying to come up with a name.

Binge Cast Episode 1: A New Hope….for Beer.

In this introductory episode, we relate our plans for the future of Binge Media and the various podcasts we have in store for the listening audience.  We’re looking to record more commentaries, cool?  Cool.  Want a Game of Thrones podcast?  Done.  How about a music or sports related podcast?  We got you.  But we’re going to try to keep the Monday Binge Cast strictly movie related.  But we all know how that goes.  Law gets one drink and wants to talk about poutine and hockey and the Detroit Tigers.


But it’s not all about us and our plans in this episode.  Jim Law takes on Iron Man 3,  and details where it ranks in the series, and in the Marvel film universe.  There’s also a breakdown of “Kissed By Fire“, episode 5 of Game of Thrones (read my full review of it here)and the boys discuss the amount of dude ass in the episode and how uncomfortable/excited it made them feel.


Not dude butt

We’re pumped to release the first Binge Cast!  Keep Mondays open for new episodes, and stay along for the ride as we build and nurture this little site of ours into something we hope you all will enjoy.

Be patient with us as we start the process of getting the podcast submitted to iTunes, it may take a few weeks, so keep it locked here.  Most importantly, do us a favor and spread the word anyway you can, we’d really appreciate it.  Any questions?  Send an email to

Let’s get this party started yo!swag-bm

Binge Cast Episode 1: A New Hope….for Beer.

20 Responses to “Binge Cast #1”

  • Jason Howington

    Will you guys have a voicemail? Or email?

  • Johnny Mendoza

    This is epic my friends….EPIC!

  • Darren Goodfellow

    Goddammit, you guys. After ruining my week last week with the surprise end of the Joblo podcast, you go and make my week by bringing me the Bingecast! Here’s to many more hours of laughs, arguements and reviews! I was ascare when I thought you were gone for good, now I’m ascare that I’ll keep laughing like an asshole on public transport. HUUUUUUUUHHHHH!

  • SamSwantee

    You figure out how to get an amazon banner, and Ill buy everything through this site. Cant wait to listen. Keep the dream alive!

  • Dsloy

    Will this be on itunes?

  • Petemc23

    Amazing. Glad I guys are back. Psyched for the new show

  • art13

    It’s great to have you guys back, here’s to a bigger and brighter future.

  • Eric B

    So Pumped!!! Don’t know why joblo and you parted ways, dumb move on their part. The only reason I ever had to go to that website has come to BingeMedia. Adios Fifes!

  • Nick Fortuna

    Congrats guys, looking forward to the new site and podcasts.

  • J. McRobot

    You guys are right back on mondays without fail, epic. Just wanted to thank you guys for putting this all together. It would have been understandable if you guys hung up your microphone after the last podcast ended and walked off into the sunset. But I think I speak for most fans of the old show when I say I’m very happy you did not. Thank you both so much for pushing forward and creating this new show. Mondays wouldn’t be the same without you guys.


  • laksmikanti

    Unbelievable but I finally got into podcast (after trying so many times and not liking it), you guys are great and congratulations for this new site. I am soooo looking forward to READ Jim Law, he was quite good, so I hope he writes from time to time over here.

  • Blizzo

    Lovin the new site! So happy you guys started up a new podcast so quickly. Looking forward to all the new shows/commentaries/articles and this new tv commentary thing…awesome idea!

  • Digitaldraft

    Looking forward to everything in the future that you guys put out love your shit! Fuck I can’t stop watching that pimp of a kid do his swag dance.

  • Barry Shitpeas

    Damn, had to do quiet a bit of research to find your new podcast. If you can you should post a link to it on the joblo podcast facebook.

  • Randy R

    Can’t believe it took me so long to finally find it, but now I consider myself lucky to have over 10 episodes to catch up on. Feel like I have my drinking buddies back.

    Let this be your Empire Strikes Back