Guy with biggest balls in the world fights a bear

On May 1, 2013 by Moreno

I’m not going to say that I grew up in a place straight out of Compton, but my neighborhood made going to the store for a gallon of milk a pain in the ass.   I was always like, “I get it, this place is all fighty and shit but I need milk for my Oreos, yo.”  Had I possessed the balls of 48 year old Toby Burke, I might’ve had a better childhood.


Bitch, please.”

According to ABC News, the Alaskan native was out bird watching with his wife and three kids when they were charged by a bear.  After unsuccessfully trying to ward off the bear by raising their arms, making loud noises, and calling the bear’s mom a “cunt”, Toby Burke grabbed a scope off a 6 foot tripod to keep the bear away from his family.  When the bear severed the scoped, Burke used the end to poke the bear in the face, which only served to piss it off even more.  The bear clamped down on Burke’s left arm, so Burke proceeded to beat the ever loving fuck out of it with his right hand, or as they now call it, “The Bear Slayer”.  The bear eventually gave up, giving Burke and his family time to get to safety.

The bear was later seen at a local bar with knots on his head and downing a bottle of Jameson.


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