Our house.

On 30 April, 2013 by Jim Law

Welcome to BingeMedia.Net, the new home of Jim Law and Moreno, formerly of the JoBlo Movie Podcast and JoBlo.com. It’s here where the boys will try to become men and provide a little more than some random drunken ramblings over the weekend. I mean, we’re still gonna get drunk and ramble over the weekends but now we don’t have to answer to anybody for our debauchery. We’re the boss! Stay tuned for even more podcasts, some original and fun columns about film, books, television, and whatever else we feel like, and a whole lot of drinking. We’ll even review stuff once in a while, or do some top ten lists, or make some ridiculous YouTube videos. The sky is the limit, ladies and gentlemen, and nobody can cut us off any more.

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