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23. 11. 2014

It’s Kelly Brook’s Birthday! A Gallery.

Something told me to check celebrity birthdays today and see if anybody was worth throwing a gallery up for. My instincts have never been better.

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22. 11. 2014

Binge Sports: An Update on Lauren Hill

I continue to be in awe of Lauren Hill. Welcome to Binge Sports continuing coverage of the incredible and inspiring tale of this courageous young woman. If you’re not aware of who she...

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21. 11. 2014

Friday Night Law: No Thanks – My Anti-Thanksgiving List

We get it, the Americans are having their week-long Thanksgiving celebration next week, highlighted by a climatic collection of the world’s biggest assholes lining up for $3 toasters Friday morning. Thanks for this....

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21. 11. 2014

Binge Cast Presents: The Director’s Chair #1

Garrett Collins kicks off his Binge Media podcasting career with this inaugural show featuring film producer Jason Morris and a special appearance by Johnny Moreno. Garrett and Moreno get things off to a...

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21. 11. 2014

Flashback Friday – 11/21/14 – Marilyn Manson

When The Music Hits Presents: Flashback Friday I think at this point it’s safe to say that 1994 was a pretty big year for albums that would have a lasting impact on me...

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20. 11. 2014

Binge Cast: TV Round Up – SOA Commentary S7 Ep 11

Behold the best episode of the season so far.  Truth bombs be droppin’, Juice be cryin’, yellow be dyin, and Unser be sheddin’……some skin.  We’re loving how this episode unfolded, but it definitely...

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20. 11. 2014

Bob’s Thirsty Thursdays: Thankful for Guardians of the Galaxy and other stuff

We’re T-Minus 1 week away from Thanksgiving and the start of the impending glory of the Holiday season—which is crazy as it seems like only yesterday it was Halloween and only a few...

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20. 11. 2014

When The Music Hits: gramofon by Fon (A Review)

Just about a month ago I received an e-mail from Spotify with the subject line “A Token of Our Appreciation”. I opened it and found that they wanted to thank me for the...

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19. 11. 2014

Binge Sports: The College Football Playoff: Who Gets In? (The Return of the Fan Vote!)

The fan vote is back! Welcome to Binge Sports coverage of the inaugural College Football Playoff. After years of dealing with the dreaded BCS, the human element has been brought to the world...

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