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29. 07. 2014

Jack Attack Tuesday – 7/29/14 – Tusk, Sons of Anarchy, Patriots Training Camp and the Batman V Superman Teaser

Jack Attack Tuesday - 7/29/14 Tusk, Sons of Anarchy, Patriots Training Camp and the Batman V Superman Teaser It’s Tuesday again.  I can’t believe July is gone already.  I work on a 6-day work/school week...

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28. 07. 2014

Hottie Fantasy League: Week 17

Scarlett Johansson is back on top of the box office and here comes Said Helal again. It’s only a matter of time until he finds the number one spot with Megan Fox and...

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28. 07. 2014

Monday Morning Moreno – 7/28/14

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver I go through phases of watching The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, typically until people on social media start quoting the shows like it’s actual news. ...

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28. 07. 2014

BingeCast: Expendables 3, Lucy, The Purge: Anarchy, and more…

Law, Ammon, and Kupka are here to relieve you of your weekly stresses and dive head first into everything you’ve been wondering about the past week. Google Voice messes with Kupka’s head for...

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27. 07. 2014

Working the Weekend with Luke-7/27/14-Wrigley Field, 50 Shades Trailer

Welcome to this week’s edition of WORKING THE WEEKEND WITH LUKE. Honestly, I’m not going to keep you long this week. I’m exhausted, I’m hungry, and I want to go to sleep. And...

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25. 07. 2014

Friday Night Law: What Makes Law Tick

People ask me a lot, “Law what makes you tick?  What are some of your favourite things?  Why are you drunk?”  It’s been a while since I wrote aboot a few of my...

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24. 07. 2014

Binge Media Sports: MLB Hall of Fame, Rory McIlroy, Cubs v. Cards

Welcome back to Binge Media Sports. I know that football will very soon be the big topic of conversation, and believe me, I’ve got big plans for NFL coverage. With that being said, I just wanted to take...

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24. 07. 2014

Bob’s Thirsty Thursdays: Coffee, Reply All Etiquette, and Comic-Con 2014

I love coffee. Seriously, if there’s anything I drink more than water and Miller High Life, it’s coffee. Yes, I’m playing up the Seattle stereotype hundred times infinity, but whatever–there’s nothing like waking...

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23. 07. 2014

TV Round-Up – The Strain – 1×02 “The Box”

THE STRAIN Episode 1×02 “The Box” Because of my school schedule and Law vacationing in France/Canadian France-Land, we couldn’t get a podcast going this week.  Instead, I’m covering the episode with a little...

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